Bonnie Jean specialty shop Baby Girl's Holiday Christmas Smocked Dress Red Co - Bonnie Jean specialty shop Baby Girl's Holiday Christmas Smocked Dress Red Co - Christmas,Co,Girl's,$30,Red,-,Holiday,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Baby,Jean,Baby,/Balanta626002.html,Bonnie,,Smocked,Dress $30 Bonnie Jean Baby Girl's Holiday Christmas Dress - Red Smocked Co Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Baby Christmas,Co,Girl's,$30,Red,-,Holiday,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Baby,Jean,Baby,/Balanta626002.html,Bonnie,,Smocked,Dress $30 Bonnie Jean Baby Girl's Holiday Christmas Dress - Red Smocked Co Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Baby

Bonnie Jean specialty shop Baby Girl's Holiday Christmas Smocked Selling and selling Dress Red Co -

Bonnie Jean Baby Girl's Holiday Christmas Dress - Red Smocked Co


Bonnie Jean Baby Girl's Holiday Christmas Dress - Red Smocked Co

Product description

She will be ready for Christmas with this precious red corduroy holiday dress. Featuring beautiful smocking with embroidered green trees. Tie back and zippered closure on back. This is a classic timeless design. Sizes 0-24m come with matching diaper cover panty. This outfit is made with the highest quality that Bonnie Jean is known for. 100% Cotton, Machine Washable.

Bonnie Jean Baby Girl's Holiday Christmas Dress - Red Smocked Co

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