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XYD Women Stiletto High Heel Over Boots The Toe Buc Pointed Knee Max Max 77% OFF 87% OFF

XYD Women Stiletto High Heel Over The Knee Boots Pointed Toe Buc


XYD Women Stiletto High Heel Over The Knee Boots Pointed Toe Buc

Product Description

XYD-X Your Design

Brand Introduction

A professional WOMEN SHOES brand which regards elegance and comfort the most, always tracking the latest stylish elements in current season and providing a fresh modern feel.

Owning the professional design team and the family-owned factory, each shoe of XYD is a perfect combination of both fashion and function. With only one purchase, you will definitely love this design and comfort.

Come on now! Get your right shoes, refresh your wardrobe and conquer the world!


Sexy Buckled Strappy Over The Knee Boots

The Stiletto High Heel boot is a must-have for confident office ladies

XYD Women Stiletto High Heel Over The Knee Boots Pointed Toe Buc

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