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Kidsform Women's Full Zip Hoodie Long Sleeve wholesale Sweatsh Brand Cheap Sale Venue Casual

Kidsform Women's Full Zip Hoodie Long Sleeve Casual Long Sweatsh


Kidsform Women's Full Zip Hoodie Long Sleeve Casual Long Sweatsh

Product Description

Kidsform Women's Full Zip Hoodie Long Sleeve Casual Long Sweatshirts Solid Hooded Jacket with Pockets

women hoodie zipper

***Buyer Comments

  • Excellent quality and very warm. I have also worn it with jeans and it looks very hip.
  • I love the longer length - it looks great with leggings.
  • The fleece is very soft and thicker than I had anticipated. This is a great buy for a long, casual hoodie.
  • It's perfect with leggings.
  • Leggings very long which is good for me. It had fleece liner, so keep me warm.


  • 25% cotton 75% polyester


  • Long sleeve, Backstrap hem, Casual Style, Solid Color, Long Sleeve, Zip-up Jacket With Hoodie, Kangaroo Pocket at Center, Lightweight, Easy to Wear, Keep Warmth.

Colors Options

  • NO.1 Basic Solid Women Long Zip Up Hoodie Sweatshirt
  • NO.2 Stylish Tie-Dye Zipper Hoodie Outerwear
  • NO.3 Color Block Striped Color Full Zip Tunic Hoodie Sweatshirt
  • NO.4 Color Block Patchwork Sleeve Zip Up Coat Casual Long Sweatshirts

Package Contents

  • 1*Pockets Zip Hoodie
Women's Long Hoodie Casual Hoodie Fuzzy Fleece Zip Up Hooded Women’s Off Shoulder Blouse Women's denim dress
Women's Long Hoodie Women's Casual Hoodie Fuzzy Fleece Hooded Zip Women’s Off Shoulder Blouse Women's Long Sleeve Blouse Chambray

Kidsform Women's Full Zip Hoodie Long Sleeve Casual Long Sweatsh

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