$31 Denby USA Heritage Veranda Small Bowls (Set of 4), Multicolor Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Denby USA Heritage Veranda Small 4 Ranking TOP9 Multicolor Bowls Set of $31 Denby USA Heritage Veranda Small Bowls (Set of 4), Multicolor Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Denby USA Heritage Veranda Small 4 Ranking TOP9 Multicolor Bowls Set of USA,$31,Denby,Veranda,of,thejassacentre.com,(Set,Heritage,Small,Bowls,4),,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Multicolor,/anthraconecrosis1962186.html USA,$31,Denby,Veranda,of,thejassacentre.com,(Set,Heritage,Small,Bowls,4),,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Multicolor,/anthraconecrosis1962186.html

Denby USA Heritage Veranda Small 4 Ranking TOP9 Multicolor Bowls Set Quantity limited of

Denby USA Heritage Veranda Small Bowls (Set of 4), Multicolor


Denby USA Heritage Veranda Small Bowls (Set of 4), Multicolor

Product description

Color:Set of 4 Small Bowls

Inspired by 1960s arabesque and new for 2012 as part of the heritage collection. Veranda adds a rustic feel to the home with eclectic tones of buttery Yellow, Duck egg and Sage.

From the manufacturer

Denby USA Heritage Veranda Small Bowls (Set of 4), Multicolor

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