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Malham USA Ireland Soccer Breathable Max 57% Max 57% OFF OFF Jersey

Malham USA Ireland Breathable Soccer Jersey


Malham USA Ireland Breathable Soccer Jersey

Product description

Support your favorite Irish soccer team in spirit with this Ireland Breathable Soccer Jersey! This short-sleeved jersey is made of pure polyester Breathlite fabric, offering premium strength, flexibility, and breathability that will keep you comfortably dry. The shirt comes in a vibrant green with ‘IRELAND’ displayed across the front in white block letters. Over the left heart is an Irish Tricolor shield with a shamrock, while a stripe detail featuring the Irish flag’s colors sits on the right sleeve. Finished off with white trimming on the v-neck collar and sleeves and a black side panel with orange piping, this jersey is great for anyone who loves Irish soccer or likes athletic fashion!

Malham USA Ireland Breathable Soccer Jersey

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