Drive,Tool,8812,with,Double,1-1/2-Inch,1-Inch,Point,Squ,8,Wright,$35,/autoloading336483.html,,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools Wright Tool 8812 1-1 2-Inch with Double Point 2021 new 8 1-Inch Drive Squ $35 Wright Tool 8812 1-1/2-Inch with 1-Inch Drive 8 Point Double Squ Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools $35 Wright Tool 8812 1-1/2-Inch with 1-Inch Drive 8 Point Double Squ Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Wright Tool 8812 1-1 2-Inch with Double Point 2021 new 8 1-Inch Drive Squ Drive,Tool,8812,with,Double,1-1/2-Inch,1-Inch,Point,Squ,8,Wright,$35,/autoloading336483.html,,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools

Wright Tool 8812 1-1 2-Inch with Double Point Austin Mall 2021 new 8 1-Inch Drive Squ

Wright Tool 8812 1-1/2-Inch with 1-Inch Drive 8 Point Double Squ


Wright Tool 8812 1-1/2-Inch with 1-Inch Drive 8 Point Double Squ

Product description

From the Manufacturer

Enhance your tool collection with the 1-Inch drive 8 point double Square Impact (Railroad) Socket, 1-1/2-Inch size. Impact tools save time and handle high torques with less effort and more safety.

Wright Tool 8812 1-1/2-Inch with 1-Inch Drive 8 Point Double Squ

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