Wiggins Straight Headband Wig Human Head free shipping Friendly Beginners Hair Straight,Hair,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Wig,Head,Wiggins,Headband,thejassacentre.com,Friendly,Human,/besmutch389405.html,$31,Beginners Wiggins Straight Headband Wig Human Head free shipping Friendly Beginners Hair Straight,Hair,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Wig,Head,Wiggins,Headband,thejassacentre.com,Friendly,Human,/besmutch389405.html,$31,Beginners $31 Wiggins Straight Headband Wig Human Hair Beginners Friendly Head Beauty Personal Care Hair Care $31 Wiggins Straight Headband Wig Human Hair Beginners Friendly Head Beauty Personal Care Hair Care

Wiggins Straight Headband Wig Human Head free shipping Friendly Beginners Ranking TOP13 Hair

Wiggins Straight Headband Wig Human Hair Beginners Friendly Head


Wiggins Straight Headband Wig Human Hair Beginners Friendly Head

Product Description

About Wiggins

Wiggins is a professional wig company founded in 2013, with our own factory which has over 20 years’ ODM(Original Design Manufacturer) experience, integrating market researching, design, production and sales. The hair company is located in XuChang, China, the largest base of human hair producing, with convenient transport access and dedicated to making simple, fashionable, natural, manageable and comfortable wigs. Our wigs are made of 100% human hair. We use high-quality, safe and reliable technology to ensure our products free tangle, no shedding, without splitamp; dry end. Not only to ensure the comfort of wig wearing, but also to ensure the quality of products, we always put the interests of customers at the core of our service, just as our slogan goes:ONCE MEET, NEVER FORGET!

Wiggins Straight Headband Wig Human for Black Women

Wiggins Straight Headband Wig Human for Black Women

Wiggins Straight Headband Wig Human for Black Women

  • Brand Name: Wiggins Hair
  • Wig Type: Headband Human Hair Wigs
  • Hair Texture: Straight Headband Wig
  • Hair Color: Natural Black
  • Hair Length: 10-14 Inch In Stock Available
  • Hair Material:100% high quality human hair. Full cuticle aligned, super natural, soft, elegant and healthy. Tangle-free, no shedding. Can be straightened, curled, dyed etc..
  • Hair Features:150% Density, Minimum Shedding, No Tangle
  • Package included: straight headband wig*1 hairbands(different color sent by random)*2 fashion superior scarf (sent by random)*1 cap net*1, hair storage bag*1.
  • Advantage:Versatile styles. You can use different hairbands or hair scarves to make different looks on this headband wig, also you can wear it in a ponytail, hair buns, half up half down and wet look, and change different looks easily.
kinky clip syn curly headband wig human hair for black women curly
Kinky Curly Human Hair Clip in Hair Extensions Clip in Hair Extensions Human Hair Short Bob Wigs Wiggins Curly Headband Bob Wigs Short Curly Synthetic Hair Wigs
Material Human Hair Human Hair Synthetic Hair Human Hair Synthetic Hair
Color Natural Black Chocolate Brown to Honey Blonde #4/27-Straight 1B/27 Natural Black Natural Black
Length 14"-20" 14"-22" 12" 10"-16" 6''
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Wiggins Straight Headband Wig Human Hair Beginners Friendly Head

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