$163 Yukon (YA C4506115) 1541H Alloy 6-Lug Rear Axle for Dodge Dakota Automotive Replacement Parts 6-Lug,Alloy,Dakota,C4506115),for,1541H,/besoil389534.html,Dodge,$163,Axle,(YA,thejassacentre.com,Yukon,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Rear 6-Lug,Alloy,Dakota,C4506115),for,1541H,/besoil389534.html,Dodge,$163,Axle,(YA,thejassacentre.com,Yukon,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Rear Yukon YA C4506115 1541H Alloy 6-Lug Today's only for Axle Dodge Dakota Rear $163 Yukon (YA C4506115) 1541H Alloy 6-Lug Rear Axle for Dodge Dakota Automotive Replacement Parts Yukon YA C4506115 1541H Alloy 6-Lug Today's only for Axle Dodge Dakota Rear

Yukon YA C4506115 1541H Alloy 6-Lug Today's Special sale item only for Axle Dodge Dakota Rear

Yukon (YA C4506115) 1541H Alloy 6-Lug Rear Axle for Dodge Dakota


Yukon (YA C4506115) 1541H Alloy 6-Lug Rear Axle for Dodge Dakota

From the manufacturer

Anatomy of an Axle


An axle shaft is the final part of a differential that transfers power to the wheels. Front and rear axle shafts have different construction details. A rear axle mates to the wheel via a flange on the end. A front axle consists of two shafts, an inner and an outer, that mate to each other via a universal joint to allow for turning. Front axles connect to the front wheels via a hub assembly. Factory axle are typically made from a 1040 alloy steel, while aftermarket performance shafts are made from a 1541H or 4340 Chromoly alloy for significant strength gains.


When an axle is purchased, it is beneficial to also install axle bearings and seals and axle studs.

A common reason for axle failure is bad bearings and seals and replacing these is critical.

These parts are inexpensive and will warrant longevity and optimal performance.

How to Measure an Axle
Yukon Axles


OEM Replacement Rear Axle Shafts

Many people don’t realize that over time axles wear out and need to be replaced. Yukon manufactures OEM axles to fit most domestic rear-wheel-drive passenger cars as well as 2WD and 4WD pickup trucks and SUVs. Yukon’s performance rear axles are heat-treated deeper than the factory axle shafts to ensure added shaft strength and durability in the bearing and seal area.

High-Performance Rear Axles

Rear axles are one of the most important parts of a hot rod or extreme-built 4x4. A weak axle can leave you stranded when you least expect it, so don’t compromise. Get the best, get the Yukon advantage. Yukon’s high-performance rear axles are made from high quality 1541H and 4340 Chromoly steel. These axles are engineered to stand up to the extreme conditions of hard street driving, trail running or weekends at the track.

4340 Chromoly Front Axles for Dana 30, 44, 60 amp; GM 8.5

If you’re looking for strength and durability, we can help. Yukon Replacement Chromoly front axles for Dana 30, 44, 60 and GM 8.5 are made from only the best steel available and are engineered to withstand the most extreme off-road conditions. Yukon Chromoly axles use a state of the art, dual heat-treating process to provide maximum strength and long life. This dual heat-treating along with the high-quality material gives you a 35-40% strength increase over stock axle shafts.


Yukon (YA C4506115) 1541H Alloy 6-Lug Rear Axle for Dodge Dakota

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