Stabila 10711 6 50 m x 13 42" Measuring mm"Type excellence Ta BM Open-Frame $54 Stabila 10711/6 50 m x 13 mm"Type BM 42" Open-Frame Measuring Ta Tools Home Improvement Measuring Layout Tools,$54,50,Measuring,m,BM,x,mm"Type,13,42",Ta,Stabila,Tools Home Improvement , Measuring Layout Tools,10711/6,/calamondin1962441.html,Open-Frame,$54,50,Measuring,m,BM,x,mm"Type,13,42",Ta,Stabila,Tools Home Improvement , Measuring Layout Tools,10711/6,/calamondin1962441.html,Open-Frame Stabila 10711 6 50 m x 13 42" Measuring mm"Type excellence Ta BM Open-Frame $54 Stabila 10711/6 50 m x 13 mm"Type BM 42" Open-Frame Measuring Ta Tools Home Improvement Measuring Layout Tools

Stabila Time sale 10711 6 50 m x 13 42

Stabila 10711/6 50 m x 13 mm"Type BM 42" Open-Frame Measuring Ta


Stabila 10711/6 50 m x 13 mm"Type BM 42" Open-Frame Measuring Ta

Product description

The impact-resistant, unbreakable polyamide frame with reinforcement ribs on the inside is very robust. The grooved turning handle facilitates holding and tensioning the tape. The broad arm in well-proven Y design provides good tape guidance. Special plastic guides prevent the steel tape from catching between the rollers and the frame and protect it from wear. Large, robust draw ring with notches for plumb line measurements.

Stabila 10711/6 50 m x 13 mm"Type BM 42" Open-Frame Measuring Ta

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