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Product description


Precision Twist QC41G High Speed Steel Short Length Drill Bit, T

Flat ₹20 per order Details
₹0 Commission
Mutual Fund investments
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And start investing commission-free in just 5 mins

5 Reasons to Invest with 5paisa

0% Brokerage

Flat fee saves lacs of rupees in brokerage

Mutual Fund Investment @ ₹0 Commission

Investing with no other fee means 1-2% additional returns every year.

Actionable Ideas

By international research and tools, to keep you ahead

Omni-Channel Support

Seamless integrated investment on mobile, desktop, web or use our developer APIs

Portfolio Analytics

Real time reports on gains/losses, compared with benchmarks, suggestions to improve performance for your risk appetite

Get your all-in-one investment account with 5paisa

For all your investments – stocks, mutual funds, commodities, currency, F&O, bonds, gold, insurance etc in one account, one statement one charge.


Invest in individual companies that you believe in

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5paisa School

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Advance Charts & Case Studies

Wide suite of powerful drawing tools to help you take the right decisions

Options Strategy Builder

Smart tools to help you take the right Calls when it comes to options

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Pre-loaded screeners to sift through the universe of stocks and find the right ones

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