$27 S-noilite 20Inch Loop Hair Extensions Human Hair Micro Bead Link Beauty Personal Care Hair Care S-noilite 20Inch Loop Hair Extensions Link Cheap Bead Micro Human $27 S-noilite 20Inch Loop Hair Extensions Human Hair Micro Bead Link Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Extensions,Human,Link,thejassacentre.com,S-noilite,Loop,Bead,/category/type/crockpot-recipes/,Micro,$27,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,20Inch,Hair,Hair S-noilite 20Inch Loop Hair Extensions Link Cheap Bead Micro Human Extensions,Human,Link,thejassacentre.com,S-noilite,Loop,Bead,/category/type/crockpot-recipes/,Micro,$27,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,20Inch,Hair,Hair

S-noilite 20Inch Loop Hair Extensions Link Cheap Bead Micro Human Directly managed store

S-noilite 20Inch Loop Hair Extensions Human Hair Micro Bead Link


S-noilite 20Inch Loop Hair Extensions Human Hair Micro Bead Link

Product Description


S-noilite Micro Loop Human Hair Extensions

Micro Loop Hair Extension is also known as Micro Link Hair Extension and has been widely applied by the stylists to add hair length and fullness instantly. These hair extensions come with loops and micro beads allow you to pull your hair through the ring easily, so the only tool you need is a piler.

  • Simply install by one piler, natural and ample hair is presented and your trouble will all gone.
  • Add hair volume quickly and helps to prevent breakage as well as keeps your hair healthy.
  • Our micro ring loop human hair extension can be styled like curl, dyed and permed, enabling more versatility for you.


TY YU 90 yi io
Clip in Hair Extension Tape in Hair Extension Clip in Hair Topper Hidden Crown Hair Extension I Tip Hair Extension
Made of 100% Human Hair
Can be Curled amp; Dyed
Full Head Installation 1 Pack 2-4 Packs 1 Pack 1 Pack 2-4 Packs
Color Chart 31 colors available 31 colors available 7 colors available 13 colors available 13 colors available

S-noilite 20Inch Loop Hair Extensions Human Hair Micro Bead Link

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