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Max 59% OFF Monroe Special Campaign Shocks Struts OESpectrum 71751 Suspension Strut

Monroe Shocks Struts OESpectrum 71751 Suspension Strut


Monroe Shocks Struts OESpectrum 71751 Suspension Strut

From the manufacturer

Monroe OESpectrum
Monroe OESpectrum

Restore your vehicle back to exceptional handling performance and drivability with OESpectrum struts. Struts perform two main jobs: perform a damping function like shock absorbers and provide structural support for the vehicle suspension, support the spring, and hold the tire in an aligned position. As a result, struts affect ride comfort and handling as well as vehicle control, braking, steering, wheel alignment and wear on other suspension components.

Monroe Shocks Struts OESpectrum 71751 Suspension Strut

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Practical English: Air Travel

At passport control

Do you have a return ticket?

Immigration officer: — Good evening. Where have you come from?
Paul Ryefield: — Bucharest, Romania.
Immigration officer: — May I have your passport and form I-94, please?
Paul Ryefield: — Here you are.
Immigration officer: — What´s the nature of your visit? Business or pleasure?
Paul Ryefield: — Pleasure. I´m visiting my relatives.
Immigration officer: — How long are you going to stay in the United States? [...]

Accounting English


Narration: Part Three

“Whether particular assets are to be shown as fixed assets or current assets shall depend upon the purpose for which they are intended. Fixed assets shall comprise those assets which are intended for use on a continuing basis for the purposes of the undertaking´s activities.”
(Excerpt from Directive 78/660/EEC)



 Dictionary entry overview: 

  The adverb ANTAGONISTICALLY has 1 sense:

1. in an antagonistic manner

  Familiarity: ANTAGONISTICALLY used as an adverb is very rare. is managed by Global Info Srl, Registrar of Companies no. J40/15839/2004, EU VAT no: RO16813433
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