New Max 90% OFF Full Car Cover SUV Outdoor Vehicle Indoor $56 New Full Car Cover Car/SUV/Vehicle Cover Indoor/Outdoor Full Car Automotive Exterior Accessories Cover,Full,Car/SUV/Vehicle,Car,New,$56,Indoor/Outdoor,Full,/concilium159232.html,Car,Cover,Automotive , Exterior Accessories, Cover,Full,Car/SUV/Vehicle,Car,New,$56,Indoor/Outdoor,Full,/concilium159232.html,Car,Cover,Automotive , Exterior Accessories, $56 New Full Car Cover Car/SUV/Vehicle Cover Indoor/Outdoor Full Car Automotive Exterior Accessories New Max 90% OFF Full Car Cover SUV Outdoor Vehicle Indoor

New Max 90% OFF Full Car Cover SUV Outdoor Nippon regular agency Vehicle Indoor

New Full Car Cover Car/SUV/Vehicle Cover Indoor/Outdoor Full Car


New Full Car Cover Car/SUV/Vehicle Cover Indoor/Outdoor Full Car

Product description

Condition: 100% Brand New Color: Silver
Easy Installation, You can cover the car by yourself easily, also take off easy.
All-weather fit: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter., also car cover is for indoor and outdoor use.
Durable Full Car Cover with fabric can keep your car far from rain, snow, ice, storm, dust, heat, Sun UV ray.

1.) No afraid the water, our Full car cover can reduce UV rays, dirt, dust, bird droppings and so on
2.) No afraid the wind, straps and buckle at the bottom and keep your car cover in heavy wind from blowing off.
3.) Silver reflecting high-sensitivity performance, reduce the UV ray and heat, make a good condition for the car surface paint and the dashboard.
4.) Durable materials, full car covers good for the vehicle's surface does not scratch itself by strong external objects.

Package includes:
1pcs Full Car Cover
1 x storage bag

Attention please:
Pls make sure the modal is fit for your car. Thanks very much!

Any question please email to us. We will reply as soon as possible. Thanks for your understanding!

New Full Car Cover Car/SUV/Vehicle Cover Indoor/Outdoor Full Car

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