$21 Bev's Bird Boutique - Robot Flyper (Open-Back Style) Pet Supplies Birds /fooyoung626166.html,-,Bird,Flyper,Robot,Boutique,Pet Supplies , Birds,$21,(Open-Back,Style),thejassacentre.com,Bev's Bev's Bird Boutique Genuine - Robot Open-Back Style Flyper Bev's Bird Boutique Genuine - Robot Open-Back Style Flyper /fooyoung626166.html,-,Bird,Flyper,Robot,Boutique,Pet Supplies , Birds,$21,(Open-Back,Style),thejassacentre.com,Bev's $21 Bev's Bird Boutique - Robot Flyper (Open-Back Style) Pet Supplies Birds

Bev's Bird Boutique Genuine - Robot Fresno Mall Open-Back Style Flyper

Bev's Bird Boutique - Robot Flyper (Open-Back Style)


Bev's Bird Boutique - Robot Flyper (Open-Back Style)

Product description


FLYPERS Bird Diapers. Poop-free shoulders, home and heads.


  • New open-back style - minimum restriction
  • Water resistant pouch liner preventing staining or leakage
  • Leash ring under tail (doesn't get tangled with the wings)
  • Super soft lycra straps
  • Adjustable strap slider
  • Adjustable velcro closure with lock strap
  • Two way stretch fabric - maximum comfort
  • Curved, split seam on bib, shapes well with bird's curved chest. This prevents gaping and toe-catching
  • Light-weight inner lining (no exposed inner seams and less nail-hooking)
  • See size and weight chart for size selection.

Bev's Bird Boutique - Robot Flyper (Open-Back Style)


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