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Vimmia Men's X Basic Legging


Vimmia Men's X Basic Legging

Product description

The Vimmia x legging is not like any other legging on the market. In addition to the sleek yet stylish basic design, the state of the state of th art smart yarn that forms the base of the legging contains far infrared technology that transforms human body heat into energy providing both performance and cosmetic benefits. This innovative technology, enhanced with radioactive minerals, increases blood microcirculation ensuring a high level of comfort, and improves the skin's appearance by reducing skin imperfections.( since this technology is built into the dna of the yarn, its properties and benefits remain wash after wash. To obtain increased blood microcirculation, it is recommended to use this garment for at least 6 consecutive hours for 30 consecutive days.)

Vimmia Men's X Basic Legging


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