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Donald High material J Pliner Women's Lanny Platform Sandal Financial sales sale

Donald J Pliner Women's Lanny Platform Sandal


Donald J Pliner Women's Lanny Platform Sandal

Product description

Slip into decadence with the Lanny platform sandal from Donald J Pliner. This ultra-simple slide features soft, supple suede with nailhead studs to add polish and detail. The mild heel gently lifts while the contoured footbed adds that perfect finishing touch.

Since 1989, Donald Pliner has built a reputation for bold, fashion-forward designs in men’s and women’s footwear and accessories. The company carries on the rich traditions of its namesake founder by continuing its commitment to quality, innovation and fashion without compromising comfort. Having pioneered new materials, such as stretch micro-fibers, suedes, crepes, leathers and elastics, the brand has become synonymous with unprecedented comfort, flexibility, and lightness in its footwear.

Donald Pliner customers are attracted to the unique, impeccable designs, colors and textures, but return again and again for the comfort features and high-quality craftsmanship. Each shoe is crafted with a one-of-a-kind, noteworthy aesthetic that is special and unexpected.

Donald J Pliner Women's Lanny Platform Sandal

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