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Arisa Glennorth (Stellvia) 1/6th PVC Figure


Arisa Glennorth (Stellvia) 1/6th PVC Figure

Product description

From popular anime "Stellvia of the Universe," Arisa Glennorth becomes a 1/6 scale figure! Max Factory was established in 1987 with a focus on planning and production of figures and alloy toys. What began as a garage kit maker soon developed into a larger company with a selection of different products, always held in high standards by collectors and fans. In 2008 the company began production on the figma action figure series, which provided quality articulated figures at a reasonable price, and quickly became the company's most well-known product series. Business Connections: GOOD SMILE COMPANY, INC, HOBBY JAPAN, KADOKAWA (Enterbrain, ASCII Media Works), KODANSHA ,SHUEISHA. Business Activities: Planning, development, production and sale of toys and figures. Sculpting of toys. Planning and production of video. Running of restaurants.

Arisa Glennorth (Stellvia) 1/6th PVC Figure

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Yield Rates for the Class of 2025

After many colleges reported all-time low acceptance rates, some students might be curious about their yield rates, or just how many of these admitted applicants have chosen to enroll.

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