Rockport Fashionable Men's World Tour Classic Up - Oxford Lace Rockport Fashionable Men's World Tour Classic Up - Oxford Lace Tour,Rockport,Up,$70,Classic,/hesitant1952604.html,Oxford,-,,World,Lace,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,Men's $70 Rockport Men's World Tour Classic Lace Up Oxford - Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men $70 Rockport Men's World Tour Classic Lace Up Oxford - Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men Tour,Rockport,Up,$70,Classic,/hesitant1952604.html,Oxford,-,,World,Lace,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,Men's

Rockport Fashionable Men's World Tour Classic Up - Oxford New arrival Lace

Rockport Men's World Tour Classic Lace Up Oxford -


Rockport Men's World Tour Classic Lace Up Oxford -

Product description

The World Tour is a Rockport legend. With its relaxed fit and Rockport Walking Platform construction, the men's World Tour walking shoe delivers what it takes to go the extra mile. Additional comfort features include a padded tongue and collar. In 1971, founded on the idea that style and comfort are two sides of the same coin, Rockport was the first to introduce dress shoes infused with sport technology. Today, building on generations of shoemaking experience, Rockport continues to deliver extraordinary technology-based comfort, incorporating the latest advances in construction and design into both modern and classic dress shoes, casual shoes, boots, sandals and everywhere in between.

Whether you're on the trail or the sidewalk, the Rockport men's World Tour Classic walking shoe offers support and style. Featuring a mid-height rise, gently distressed leather upper, and solid-rubber outsole, this shoe has a special design that grips a variety of surfaces. Pair these shoes with jeans or active wear and stroll the streets.

Rockport Men's World Tour Classic Lace Up Oxford -

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