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Cardone Max 81% OFF 66-5000 New Safety and trust Axle CV

Cardone 66-5000 New CV Axle


Cardone 66-5000 New CV Axle

Product description

CARDONE's extensive experience in testing and engineering CV Drive Axles is the foundation behind our proprietary method of engineering a product that meets and even exceed O.E. performance. We have researched the reasons why original CVs typically fail and designed new solutions to avoid repeat failure. For example, our Neoprene boots are designed with additional bellows, when needed, to resist bellow stress and ozone cracking - the leading cause of boot failure. High-quality grease withstands high-temperature and high-torque demands to ensure long-lasting, reliable performance. Splines are precision rolled to ensure proper fit of CV Drive Axle into the mating hub and transmission, which eliminates installation hassles. Transmission seal diameter is precision-machined after heat treatment to ensure correct surface finish, promoting long seal life. Additionally, all CV Drive Axle shafts are individually verified for straightness, resulting in vibration-free performance at all speeds.

From the manufacturer

Cardone 66-5000 New CV Axle

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