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Lug Carousel 3.0 Cross Fees free Cheap mail order sales Sunset Body Bag Palm

Lug Carousel 3.0 Cross Body Bag, Palm Sunset


Lug Carousel 3.0 Cross Body Bag, Palm Sunset

Product description

Color:Palm Sunset

Go hands free in so many ways with this convertible cross-body and belt bag. Whether you attach it to your belt or sling from your shoulder, you'll be meeting your day with open arms. Plus, feel secure with the RFID protection that's built into the bag.

From the manufacturer

belt bag, fanny pack, crossbody bag, shoulder bag, hand bag, purse
function, versitily, organizers, prints, crossbody, travel wallets, luggage, carry-ons, quilting

We believe that when you’re organized, you can enjoy all of life’s bright and colorful moments. Our thoughtfully detailed hand bags, luggage carry-ons and accessories combine fashion with function to create convenience for all of your everyday travel.

Lug Carousel 3.0 Cross Body Bag, Palm Sunset


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