Heat,Aurssa,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Tied,/relentless219613.html,$35,Syn,Orange,Wavy,Resistant,Long,Half,Hand,thejassacentre.com,24inch Aurssa Long Wavy 24inch Orange Half Syn Resistant Ranking TOP13 Tied Heat Hand Heat,Aurssa,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Tied,/relentless219613.html,$35,Syn,Orange,Wavy,Resistant,Long,Half,Hand,thejassacentre.com,24inch Aurssa Long Wavy 24inch Orange Half Syn Resistant Ranking TOP13 Tied Heat Hand $35 Aurssa Long Wavy 24inch Orange Half Hand Tied Heat Resistant Syn Beauty Personal Care Hair Care $35 Aurssa Long Wavy 24inch Orange Half Hand Tied Heat Resistant Syn Beauty Personal Care Hair Care

Aurssa Long Wavy 24inch Orange Half Syn Resistant Ranking TOP13 Tied Heat Hand 2021new shipping free shipping

Aurssa Long Wavy 24inch Orange Half Hand Tied Heat Resistant Syn


Aurssa Long Wavy 24inch Orange Half Hand Tied Heat Resistant Syn

Product description

Welcome to Aurssa Beauty Store on Amazon

This is a Long Wavy Synthetic Lace Front Wig

1.Material: heat friendly fiber hair. its physical properties, appearance, color and texture are highly similar to real Hair.

2.Wig texture: long wavy stylish wig, exactly looks like as the picture shown.

3.Synthetic wig hair color: orange instock

4.Density amp; Stretched Length: 150% High Density, 24 inches

5.Lace Color: transparent or medium brown

6.Cap Size: flexible and adjustable medium average size cap(21-23.5Inch) with elastic straps and 3 combs.

7.Wig Weight: about 250-450grams.

8.Package: 1 item in a package with 2 pcs of free wig caps.

9.Return Policy: If you don’t like our products, just return it and keep it in original condition and stay lace uncut. Thank you

Warm Tips

1.please gently wash, do not twist or rub the hair in water to avoid tangle

2.comb is not suitable for curly and our stylish wavy wigs

3.The hair may tangle due to dry,oil and dirt, please spray a little hair oil and then carefully separate in case of tangle

How To Avoid Tangle And Shedding:

(1)Use the proper shampoo and conditioner—a very mild, not-stripping shampoo, and both products should be sulfate-free and have a low pH

(2)Use a wide-toothed comb brush or gently detangle hair by running fingers through, especially curly hair wig. Do not pull or tug on the hair

(3)Do not to blow-dry the hair with a high setting, just let it air-dry in low temperature on a wig stand or styrofoam head

(4)Do not wear on the wig when sleep

(5)Do not wash the wig too frequently

Aurssa Long Wavy 24inch Orange Half Hand Tied Heat Resistant Syn

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