,Winter,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,and,$34,Jacket,Women's,Hybrid,Fall,DISHANG,Cotton,/relentless687013.html,Lightweight DISHANG Women's Hybrid Lightweight Jacket Winter Cotton Selling and Fall $34 DISHANG Women's Hybrid Lightweight Jacket Fall Winter Cotton and Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation $34 DISHANG Women's Hybrid Lightweight Jacket Fall Winter Cotton and Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation,Winter,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,and,$34,Jacket,Women's,Hybrid,Fall,DISHANG,Cotton,/relentless687013.html,Lightweight DISHANG Women's Hybrid Lightweight Jacket Winter Cotton Selling and Fall

DISHANG Women's Hybrid Lightweight Jacket Winter Cotton Selling and Fall OFFicial

DISHANG Women's Hybrid Lightweight Jacket Fall Winter Cotton and


DISHANG Women's Hybrid Lightweight Jacket Fall Winter Cotton and

Product Description


  • DISHANG is commited to deliver our brand concept "AWAKEN FASHION" to all our customers. Our products offer the best performance and comfortableness by combining fashion and functions for outdoor amp; indoor sports.

  • DISHANG Women's great lightweight hybrid jacket provides you warmth and breathable in all outdoors.



Versatile Standalone Jacket:

  • A lightweight, packable and comfortable soft coat with two side pockets, and elastic cuffs which are all customized for your casual wear.
  • Hybrid design, with quilted panels sewn into front parts to insulate cold air and retain warmth of core area. It's workable for both indoor and outdoor activities in Spring, Fall and early Winter.
  • It allows you to stay warm without compromising your freedom of movement.



Ultra-Light amp; Packs Small:

  • A lightweight jacket with polyester jersey sleeves and side panels with lightly quilted front and back.
  • The soft construction gives comfortable and greater mobility.
  • Easy packing jacket could be folded up easily and saving your storage and suitcase space as well.



  • High performance craft that is durable for lightweight.
  • Breathable knitting materials on the side and back panels are highly breathable, they wick away moisture quickly to keep you dry.
  • Brushed fleece lining provides extra warmth.
  • It is featured for windproof and move easily.




  • Please refer to the Size chart before making decision.
  • We provide 24-hours service and will answer you question in time.

DISHANG Women's Hybrid Lightweight Jacket Fall Winter Cotton and

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