$102,Miata,for,thejassacentre.com,Tein,Mazda,SKM44-AUB00,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Lowering,/relentless82013.html,Spring,S.Tech,1999-200 $102 Tein SKM44-AUB00 S.Tech Lowering Spring for Mazda Miata 1999-200 Automotive Replacement Parts Tein National products SKM44-AUB00 S.Tech Lowering Spring Miata for 1999-200 Mazda Tein National products SKM44-AUB00 S.Tech Lowering Spring Miata for 1999-200 Mazda $102,Miata,for,thejassacentre.com,Tein,Mazda,SKM44-AUB00,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Lowering,/relentless82013.html,Spring,S.Tech,1999-200 $102 Tein SKM44-AUB00 S.Tech Lowering Spring for Mazda Miata 1999-200 Automotive Replacement Parts

Tein National products SKM44-AUB00 S.Tech Genuine Free Shipping Lowering Spring Miata for 1999-200 Mazda

Tein SKM44-AUB00 S.Tech Lowering Spring for Mazda Miata 1999-200


Tein SKM44-AUB00 S.Tech Lowering Spring for Mazda Miata 1999-200

Product description

Tein S.Tech springs are an excellent step towards suspension tuning. They offer approximately a 1.5 inch drop on average for a more aggressive appearance and increased road holding capability. Designed to be used with OEM or OEM replacement shocks. Each application is road tested in North America for the proper balance between performance and comfort. Comes with a 1 year limited warranty, spring length is guaranteed not to sag more than 5 millimeter, and be clear of any manufacturer defects. Additional features: Chrome vanadium SAE9254V construction, progressive spring rate design, includes silencer rubber on certain applications, green powder coat finish, Developed to be used in conjunction with OEM or OEM replacement dampers, 1-year manufacturers defect and sag warranty (Covers over 5 millimeter sag, breakage, deformity, and noise. Does not cover powder coat finish and rusting). Contents of spring kit: Individual spring x 4, main spring x 4, some applications include Tein silencer rubbers, warranty information and bump stop reference guide and 2 Tein decals.

Tein SKM44-AUB00 S.Tech Lowering Spring for Mazda Miata 1999-200

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